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Our team consists of filmmakers and artists who work together for-hire at an affordable rate. We are very practiced with our gear and workflows, and will let our work speak for itself. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and have all worked in professional capacities within our respective fields.

As MōVI M10 operators, we are currently prepared to work at the highest level. As a crew, we are prepared to execute the best quality deliverable within the constraints of a project's budget. Our ultimate goal is to exclusively produce our own content in movies, series, and virtual reality experiences. Until then, we would absolutely love to help make your vision come to life on screen. We specialize in making low-budgets look big. Contact us to get a quote or if you would like more information about our services or vision.










Director of Photography and VFX Supervisor

Conor O'Sullivan is the founder and Creative Director of OuterSpacePlanets, and started his passion for filmmaking with a passion for art, writing, and cameras, followed by an avid interest in visual effects and post-production. He's been shooting and playing with footage since he was a young kid, and has since learned from some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry...without becoming too jaded. He's studied every aspect of the filmmaking process, and has an understanding of production and storytelling with cameras, lights, and 3D/compositing software that enables an extreme range of creative flexibility. He is also the designer and colorist for OuterSpacePlanets.

Sound Producer and Mixer

Van Young is our sound specialist. He's always had a passion for music and audio, and does everything from producing original music tracks, to creating any desired soundscape by recording and mixing atmosphere and foley. Van has studied field and studio recording for optimal sound quality on-set and in post. He is familiar with a vast range of genres in music and film, and can replicate any style, as well as experiment within his own range of styles. Our own sound equipment is sufficient, but Van can ensure the highest quality audio when working at high-end facilities with our associate audio specialists.

We are also connected to a range of talented musicians across the United States and Europe to get exactly what we need for your soundtrack.

Production Manager and 1st Assistant Director

Jeffrey Musselman is the man you will talk to about a price quote, and he will be on-set to insure everything stays within budget and on-schedule. He will communicate with rental companies, locations, and all of our crew to make sure everyone and everything is available and on-track. He'll also be in-charge of the production assistants on-set, and make sure everyone is tasked with responsibilities, including the ever-important task of keeping the cast and crew fed and hydrated (unless you have budget to hire a 2nd AD).

Jeff is a filmmaker in his own right: he's acted in several short films and is pursuing a career in that area of the entertainment industry, he's written and directed a short film, and has written and directed a pilot for a show that he is currently producing. He's very versed and experienced in the logistics side of production.

Line Producer and Script Supervisor

Sky Jones is a producer here at OuterSpacePlanets and has been working with our production crew since the founding—long before its recent launch. As script supervisor, Sky is responsible for keeping track of the shot-list, keeping track of the script and progress, logging important information for use in post, as well as insuring consistency in shooting. He is also the go-to person for any problems that come up on-set. When called for, he is also our 2nd Assistant Camera operator. In addition to his capabilities on set, Sky is also a Meisner-trained actor.

Camera Operator and Editor

Kevin Bosl is our primary and secondary camera operator, as well as our video and sound editor. He is a steady and reliable shooter and a passionate, creative, and efficient editor who is very seasoned with our gear and workflows.

We always hire our 1st Assistant Camera operator out-of-house: someone who is extremely practiced, experienced, and talented in the craft of pulling focus in extreme situations and under pressure. This is included in any price we quote you for a service that requires work with our MōVI M10 stabilizer rig. We don't cut corners or compromise on this important position: you'd end up with blurry footage or a frustrated crew if we did. We are working toward hiring a 1st AC to work with us full-time.

Additional Crew

We know a vast range of people in the greater Los Angeles area who are associated with OuterSpacePlanets in various capacities, at all levels of the entertainment industry. Our crew can be as small or as large as your budget and project requires, as our contacts have the experience to fulfill every position imaginable. We will give you recommendations on the low and high end of your potential project budget, and everything in-between, and will tell you what to expect in terms of efficiency and quality depending on which route you decide to take. Recommended crew include:


  • 2nd Assistant Director
  • Boom Operator(s)
  • Gaffer + Grip + Best Boy
  • Production Assistants
  • Hair and Makeup
  • 2nd Unit Crew


  • Art Director + Department
  • Costume Department
  • Special Effects Department
  • Stunt Co-ordinator + Team
  • Remote Helicopter Camera
  • Animators + Compositors

As of now, the people on this page work together for every project we shoot, and can execute small-scale productions without any additional crew (though we do require at least one Production Assistant). Of course, ideally your budget would allow for a fully staffed crew to ensure maximum efficiency and quality, but we know that's not always the reality. We are lucky to be able to work only with people we are familiar with most of the time, but we are also open to bringing in crew-members you are associated with. Our availability can be found on the calendar over at the contact page.

If you are interested in becoming a full-time crew member for OuterSpacePlanets, we are always looking to bring in new talent as we expand, and also expect to start an internship program very soon. Contact us if you're interested in joining the team. Include a cover letter and attached résumé.

Directing and Pre-Production

Typically we don't do pre-production or creative direction work as production services. However, assuming the quality of the project is respectable, this is something we would consider. You can view our original works on our our blog, work page, or on Youtube/Vimeo. We expect your project to have a director on-board, a finalized script, and a full cast ready to go–though we can help with both casting and location scouting. We mostly see projects through from the start of production to the end of post production.

An exception to that is music videos: if you are a musician or group interested in having us direct/produce a music video for you, contact us with a link to your work and we will get in touch about making it happen.