Our team consists of filmmakers and artists who work together as a freelance crew at an affordable rate. We are very practiced with our gear and workflows, and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Each associate crew member of OuterSpacePlanets has worked in professional capacities within our respective fields and roles.

As a crew, we always prepare to execute the best quality deliverable within the constraints of a project's budget. Our in-house equipment and rigs are high-end, flexible, and efficient, and perfect for most small to medium scale projects.

We offer cinematography and post-production services, and have the resources to rent additional high-end gear, and obtain permits for most projects' demands. As MōVI M10 operators, we are currently prepared to work at the highest level, eliminate the need for a Steadicam Operator, and can help you cut down on time, crew, and cost that you would otherwise spend setting up dollies and other setups that require more resources.

We specialize in making low-budgets look big, and would absolutely love to help make your vision come to life on screen. Contact us to get a quote and availability info, or if you would just like more information about our services or vision as a production company.










Director of Photography and VFX Supervisor

I am Conor O'Sullivan, the founder and Creative Director of OuterSpacePlanets, LLC. I started making movies with a love for art, writing, and cameras, followed by an avid interest in visual effects, 3D animation, and post-production.

I've been shooting and playing with footage since I got my hands on a camera as a kid, and have since learned from some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry...and I like to think I haven't become too jaded operating in the "real world." I've studied every aspect of the filmmaking process, and have a broad and developed understanding of storytelling with actors, cameras, lights, and software. 


Amanda Hill Mesler is the Production Coordinator at OuterSpacePlanets, and your first point of contact for hiring any of our services. She studies and works professionally as an actor, and has taken on various roles behind the camera in the world of production.

Amanda is responsible for coordinating and managing logistics regarding schedules, equipment, locations, cast, and crew. She is also a fellow producer and creative who works closely with OuterSpacePlanets on in-house  new media projects.

Additional Crew

We know a vast range of talent in the greater Los Angeles area who are associated with OuterSpacePlanets in various capacities. Our crew can be as small or as large as your budget and project requires, as our contacts have the experience to fulfill every position imaginable. We will give you recommendations on the low and high end of your potential project budget, and everything in-between, and will tell you what to expect in terms of efficiency and quality depending on which route you decide to take. Recommended crew include:


  • Production Assistants
  • Sound Production Mixer
  • Line Producer
  • Script Supervisor
  • 1st Assistant Camera
  • 2nd Camera Operator
  • Boom Operator(s)
  • Digital Imaging Technician
  • Gaffer + Grip + Best Boy
  • Hair and Makeup


  • 2nd Unit Crew
  • 2nd Assistant Director
  • Costume Department
  • Art Director + Department
  • Special Effects Department
  • Stunt Co-ordinator + Team
  • Helicopter/Drone Operator
  • Visual Effects Department
  • Animators + Compositors
  • Motion Control Operator

As part of your quote, we require at least one Production Assistant to work on our crew, regardless of a project's nature. We can otherwise execute very small-scale productions without any additional crew. Ideally your budget would allow for a fully staffed crew to ensure maximum efficiency and quality–but we know that's not always the reality. We are lucky to be able to work with people we are familiar with most of the time on our full-service projects, though we are also open to working with crew-members you are associated with. Contact us for quotes and availability.

If you are interested in becoming a full-time crew member for OuterSpacePlanets, we are always looking to bring in new talent as we expand, and also expect to start an internship program soon. Contact us if you're interested in joining the team. Include a cover letter and attached résumé.

Creative direction and Pre-Production

Unless your project is a commercial or a music video, we don't typically offer creative direction or pre-production services for narrative or non-fiction projects. However, assuming the project piques our interest, fits our brand, and takes precedent over our own slate of projects...this is something we might consider. Otherwise, if you plan to hire our crew: we expect your project to have a director on-board, a finalized script or plan, and a full cast ready to go–though we can assist with both casting and location scouting using our combined networks and resources. We usually see projects through from the start of production to the end of post production, and potentially through marketing and distribution (depending on the nature of our collaboration).

If you are a musician, group, or business interested in having us produce and direct a project for you, contact us with a link to your work and we will get in touch about making that happen.