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MōVI M10 Package Rental


MōVI M10 Package Rental


This rental contains everything you need for a MōVI M10 shoot:

  • MōVI M10 + Case
  • Paralinx Wireless Video Feed
  • Wireless Follow Focus System
  • 2 Portable Monitors + Cables
  • 3 D-tap Batteries + Splitters + Charger
  • 2 MōVI M10 Batteries + Charger
  • Mount + Rails for Camera Base and Hotshoe
  • Jib / Tripod / C-stand Mounts
  • MōVI M10 Balancing Stand
  • Instructional Videos on Setup

Please check the calendar below to insure this product is available before ordering. This package does not include camera, tripod, or jib. If you have any questions about renting this product, please use the form on the contact page.

Order Form

Price is per day of rental. You will receive your rental one day before you need to use it, and will return it before noon on the day after your rental period. In other words: if you are renting from Tuesday through Saturday, I will tell you when to come by on Monday so I can go over the equipment, forms, and protocols with you, and you will return it before noon on Sunday.

If you are late on returning the equipment, you will have to pay a penalty. Please make sure someone from your crew is available to pickup and drop off the equipment on these days.