Editing Work

Narrative Editing Sample

This is a short scene I produced and cut together. Nick (left) and I (right) wanted to test out some ideas.

Sketch Editing Sample 1

Imaginfinity: A San Francisco & India-based Virtual Reality company.

Promo video I shot and edited for a series of 360/3D degree VR experiences.

VLOG I shot and edited in a day for Oculus Connect, which is a big VR conference.

Short Comedy Sketch for "The Horse Thing"

NODE / RocketJump: popular Youtube channel that I edited a handful of videos for, each garnering ~500,000 views. 

"Anyone just watch this again from time to time?"

"Yea man. My fav of the fav"

-Youtube Comments

"This is one of my favorite all time videos" -Rocketjump Fan

Burrito Boys Sketch Comedy

Sketch short that a filmed and edited, vaguely in the style of Tarrence Malick. NSFW