Creative Services for Actors

Production Services

  • Barebones Crew ($400): this is the most affordable setup for a full 8-10 hour day. It includes a single camera setup with 2 high-quality boom microphones to cover 2 actors, along with a camera dolly and a basic lighting kit. The camera I use is a Canon C100 Mark II with Canon prime and L-series zoom lenses. My editing service is quoted separately.
  • Camera + Audio Crew ($650): this is the recommended basic setup for a full 8-10 hour day. It includes a single camera setup with basic lighting, as well as a dedicated audio-mixer/boom-operator who uses very high-end lavalier and boom microphones, providing you with 5+ clean and high-end audio tracks for your editor. This will also give you more flexibility with blocking and multiple audio sources.


  • Audition Recording ($70/hour): get your audition recorded on a nice camera, with flattering lighting, and good audio. We can use flat backgrounds (black or white), or an out-of-focus background to make it look more like an excerpt from a scene. I can be your reader, or you can bring along a reader.

Post-Production Services

  • Scene Editing with Sound Editing + Color Correction ($600 for 3-6 minute scenes): I will edit your scene using the best and most appropriate takes with basic sound editing/mixing, and color correction/grading to fit the tone of the piece. I recommend sitting in on my editing sessions so we can come to a consensus on the direction we want to take your piece. You will be provided with a rough cut, followed by a "fine cut," and then a final cut. I will apply your notes in each iteration until we land on something you are happy with.

  • Demo Reel Editing ($250): bring in your footage on a hard drive. Together we would come up with a good arrangement of your best material that artistically makes the most sense. This service includes titles that fit your personality, as well as basic sound and music if that fits the tone of your reel. I do not recommend using music for the full duration of your reel--it should really only be used for intros, outros, and possibly transitions.

Addon Production Services

  • Extra Camera Setup (+$150): this is great if you want to get coverage of both actors during the same take. I especially recommend this if you are doing any kind of improvisation. This camera will be fixed/stationary, unless we arrange for an extra crew member, which you are welcome to provide.

  • High-end Lighting Setup ($ Varies): for high-end lighting, I use Wooden Nickel lighting rentals, and we would need to hire a gaffer/grip to pickup the equipment and help out on set. Pricing varies depending on the type of lights we need to rent based on the location and timing of the shoot.

  • Hair/Makeup (+$100-200): I recommend hiring an affordable hair/makeup artist if you can swing it, or at least bring your own makeup with you. If you need recommendations, I can point you in the right direction.